Wetherington Hamilton, P.A. regularly provides legal representation to community associations and currently represents over 100 community associations throughout the state of Florida. The Community Association law group regularly provides informational seminars to property managers and other representatives of community associations regarding current issues facing community associations. Wetherington Hamilton, P.A. is also active in CAI and is active in training and providing education in the area of community association law. The attorneys of Wetherington Hamilton, P.A., including Theodore Hamilton, Ellen Hirsch de Haan and Kalei McElroy Blair have spoken to various boards and at CAI events on a number of issues of concern to community associations. Property management companies and community associations of all sizes rely on the advice of the attorneys of Wetherington Hamilton, P.A. for guidance.

We also offer our associations fantastic benefits to make sure we are meeting their needs in the most efficient way, such as free status reports, a client liaison assigned specifically for urgent requests, one attorney appearance per year at a board meeting to meet with board members – completely free of charge, and a 48 hour response guarantee for any inquiries. Contact us for more details.

Association Law Attorney Ellen Hirsch de Haan recently appeared on the Tom O’Brien show to answer a variety of Homeowners Association and Condo Association questions.